Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Alter canvas "Time To Create" for Finnabair with Video Tutorial

Привет друзья!
Сегодня хочу поделиться с вами своим новым проектом для самой крутой команды Finnabair! Я всегда с нетерпением жду новых релизов и в этот раз я стала одной из счастливчиков, кто прикоснулся к ним первыми!!! Анна всегда удивляет и вдохновляет, а новые материалы заряжают меня вдвойне. И мне так хотелось поиграть с каждой баночкой, невозможно остановиться на одной. Поэтому в своем проекте я соединила новые акриловые краски с пастами. Эффект потрясающий и чтобы передать свои впечатления и всю свою любовь я подготовила новое видео! 

Hello there lovely creative friends!
Today I'd like to share with you my brand new mixed media inspiration and tell you about some of the stunning new products from Finnabair. I simply couldn't wait to finally play with them and to show you how much I love these new goodies! In my project I felt inspired by the theme of time and I created a mixed media fantasy clock. I love adding unique elements to my artworks and you will see in my video tutorial below that some of the pieces I drew and cut out and then added to my composition.

In order for you to see the magic of these colors and textures, I created a detailed video. I hope you will fall in love with these products just like I did! Enjoy!

First, I created an interesting texture for the background. For this, I used several of my favorite mixed media supplies - the new Paper Texture Paste has an amazing texture and it's so cool to play with. This time I tried it out with beautiful Finnabair stencils ('Lace' and 'Cobblestone') and they turned out amazing! After that, I added a little bit of Art Extravagance Black Sand Texture Paste. Then, to create even more volume, I added some Art Stones with Soft Matte GelWhen everything was well dried, I covered the background with Heavy Black Gesso and the amazing Graphite Texture Paste and I absolutely loved this combination!

Then it was time to breathe some color into the project - this is my favorite stage! I chose 3 shades of Metallique Acrylic PaintsRoyal BlueRustic Brown and Ancient Coin and Dark Brown Rust Effect PasteWhen the color base was ready, I started creating my composition. I drew a model of a clock and cut out its elements. I covered them with Heavy Black Gesso, glued on my base and added some very stylish Mechanicals- my project looked amazing with all these beautiful add-ons!

When the composition was ready, I reached for the colors of new Rust Effect Pastes. I really wanted to play with each jar, I could not resist and use only one. So here is a mix of sets - Camouflage and Military. I created the layers gradually, drying them a little in between steps. I love how the lighter shades stand out... It's very easy to work with the new Finnabair's Dabbing Brushes. They are ideal for the pastes but also work fantastic with paints. Believe me, you should try them out! :)

Finally, I wanted to highlight all my beautiful texture seven more and Art Alchemy Waxes are perfect for this job. You will find the links to the Waxes I used in the product list below.

I hope that I managed to inspire you to try out these amazing new products from Finnabair! Create something of your own, draw, paint, enjoy playing with all the textures and colors.

I love to let go of all the unnecessary thoughts and create straight from my heart. For me, it's the best relaxation there is! I wish you a new week filled with new ideas and inspirations.
With love,

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