Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Видео обзор новых Impasto Paints и трафаретов от Finnabair

Привет мои дорогие друзья!
Сегодня хочу поделиться с вами видео обзором новеньких прекрасных материалов от Finnabair и рассказать немного о них! Очень волнительно для меня и я надеюсь, что вам понравится видео и я бесконечно буду благодарна за обратную связь! Я уверена, вы влюбитесь в эти краски также быстро, как и я! Стоит только попробовать. Всегда рада вашим комментариям и вопросам. Напишите, о каких продуктах вам было бы интересно узнать больше

Сделала несколько фото выкрасок. Уверена, будет полезно для вас!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Canvas "Love to Dream" for Finnabair + Video Tutorial

Hello there lovely creative friends! 
Today I'd like to share with you my brand new inspiration for Finnabair with Video Tutorial - a mixed media canvas with new amazing Finnabair's products! I created a monochromatic project, but here you will see a variety of mixed media stuff. A bit of lightness and airiness, in dreams of the sea and the sky, here are my feelings.

I invite you to watch my video tutorial to see the whole process of creating my project. Enjoy! 

For the base, I applied White Crackle and dried it well. Now there are fantastic cracks on the canvas! I covered them with Soft Matte Gel so as not to damage the pieces. Then I worked with color! There are so many of my favorite products here. I took several Acrylic Paints and Mica Powder and mixed them on canvas. Then I added Impasto Paints. First with a Stencil "Swirly Florals" and then just made a few strokes of a silicon brush. I love these matte and dense shades. This is a great combination with shiny acrylic paints. Then, using a variety of decor, I created a composition. I covered some metal elements and chipboard with Impasto Paints and Acrylic Paints. So the decor looks more harmonious in the project. I created voluminous and airy layers. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Layout "Princess" for 49 and Market with Video Tutorial

Hi my dear friends! Today I am here with a new inspiration for 49 and Market and video tutorial! 
I want to inspire you with beautiful Looking Through collection. I’m in love with these velvet backgrounds! Is it really incredibly beautiful? I didn’t want to change anything here and just added decor. My project is about one magical day of a tender girl and her beauty.

I prepared a video tutorial on creating my layout, where you can see all the materials in more detail. I hope you will enjoy

I used several sets of favorite and most beautiful flowerss for the layout: Vintage Shades Potpourri – OrchidSeaside Blooms – SandcastleGarden Seeds – Cotton and Garden Seeds – Sandcastle. I love that any set of 49 market always fits perfectly with the other. This is for flowers and for paper. You can always take different collections and they look great together! I tried to create a simple and elegant composition and I hope that you will like it!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Layout "Be your own author" for 7 Dots Studio

Hello my creative froends!
Today I want to show you my new layout for 7 Dots Studio and November Challenge! The new board is truly inspiring. I created a grunge layout with the atmosphere of the old city. Here are the walls and letters of the city. I used the wonderful “Hazy Days” collections. Incredibly beautiful Texture Fantasy - Anemone and Coral by Finnabair was perfect for this challenge! 

It’s getting colder and colder around the world. So this month we thought we would like to introduce some spice and colour into our Challenge. Strong contrasting colours and some exotic wonders like spices and feathers. Whatever inspires you in this one we hope it brings some warmth into your home.
Join our Challenge and create any projects inspired by the Moodboard.

and more details

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Вдохновение для СП "Magic School". АТС - Art in our hearts

Привет всем творческим и увлеченным!
Сегодня хочу вдохновить вас моими АТС для  прекрасного СП от Юлии Тирской "Magic School". Магический проект продолжает раскрывать новые таланты и  мы каждый раз восхищаемся вашими работами! Я счастлива быть его частью и благодарна Юле за приглашение!
АТС я делаю совсем не часто, но в этот раз волна вдохновения полностью накрыла меня. И невероятная атмосфера проекта, и необычайно красивая доска вдохновения, и желание каждый раз пробовать что-то новое позволили создать этих магических  малышей! Я увлеклась созданием необычной фактуры. И именно маленький формат позволил насладиться процессом и не бояться пробовать что-то новое! Здесь я хотела показать насколько необычайно красива наша природа в ее простых деталях. Именно она создает Мир вокруг нас, главное это увидеть и успеть полюбоваться!

Hi everyone creative and enthusiastic!
The magical project continues to reveal new talents and every time we admire your projects! I am happy to be part of it and thank Julia for the invitation!
I don't do ATCs very often, but this time a wave of inspiration completely covered me. And the incredible atmosphere of the project, and an unusually beautiful inspiration board, and the desire to try something new each time allowed us to create these magical kids! I was fascinated by the creation of an unusual texture. And it was the small format that allowed to enjoy the process and not be afraid to try something new! Here I wanted to show how extraordinarily beautiful our nature is in its simple details. It is nature that creates the world around us, the main thing is to see and have time to admire!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Layout "Delight" for 49 and Market

Hi my dear creative friends!
Today I want to inspire you with a project about me, little dreamer. This project I made for inspiration in the 49 and Market! When I think about my inner world, I always imagine the sea and the birds. This is my first association. I was able to show you my mood here with a beautiful new Island Paradise Collection ! For the basics, I used the reverse side of the sheet Island Paradise: Laser Cut Sheet. And even the reverse side of sheets 49 and Market is beautiful!

I also used elements from the sheet for decoration! It is very comfortable and cool, because they are already cut. You can also make these elements volumetric if you put a piece of cardboard at the bottom. I added some texture pasta to the background and blue paint for the marine atmosphere. And of course here are my favorite beautiful flowers! I used craft and brown shades. This is perfect for me!
And more details you can see in the photo. Enjoy