Sunday, June 24, 2018

Finn Team Art Recipe for June

Hello, wonderful creatives! 
This June Art Recipe from Finnabair Design Team was incredibly inspiring for me! Ready to head to the seaside! Stick your toes in the ocean cool blues,  dig around in the glimmering warm sand, and keep your eyes peeled for wonderful sea shells and stones...all in a creative sense with Art Alchemy acrylic paints, Art Stones, and Art Extravagance Pastes-Stone, Rust, and Patina! When summer comes, you immediately think about the warm beautiful sea... It's always an inspiration, a promise of the best time and new positive emotions. My favorite combination is the sea and the mountains. And it's so cool to have a unique reminder of this on my desk. So I decided to create this special kind of a summertime souvenir that I called "The Traveler"
More details and another amazing projects from Juliya and Bipasha you can find on the Prima website

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Canvas "Near the stars" for 7 Dots Studio and Video Tutorial

Hello creative friends!
Today I would like to show you my new inspiration with video tutorial for 7 Dots Studio!
How often do you look at the stars? I really love the sky, you can dream and feel that you can do anything! My project today is dedicated to dreams and feelings. Therefore, there is much freedom, light and tenderness. I created the base with a sheet Northern Lights – Starlight and for the contrast added a few layers of paper Writer’s Block – Torn

I prepared a step-by-step video and invite you to watch it so that you can see all the details.

I wanted to make it air. I cut out several elements from the stickers, and also added a decor of flowers and molds. To create an interesting background, I used canvas base and painted it with colours. Also I very much like to add stamps to the background to make it more textured. It looks so beautiful!
I really like 7 Dots Papers for their versatility and limitless possibilities. Every project can be your own unique fairy tale. The main thing is to show what you feel and just create! After all, inspiration surrounds us!

Layout “The spirit of the old forest” for 49 and Market

Hi my dear friends!
I'm here today with new inspiration for 49 and Market!
I really love nature. Anywhere always and everywhere. It gives us the most beautiful shades and textures that fascinates me. This time I was inspired by the spirit of the old forest and decorated it with my favorite materials from 49 and Market. Here I combine several sheets from different collections and admire each of them. But for the basics, I took one of the last and very beautiful collections – Tattered Garden Collection Pack

I supplemented my core sheet with a light sheet Laws of Nature and took several elements for the decor from At the Quarry. I really love paper from 49 and Market that here you can always cut beautiful elements for your project! This is ideal for a beautiful and unique composition! Also I took one of my favorite sheets Vintage Artistry Flora and Fauna Cut Out Sheet and carved a butterfly and several leaves. It really looks original.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Layout “When you can dream” for 49 and Market

Hi my dear friends!
I have several projects not shown here! I will correct and inspire you! Thank you for being with me!

I want to inspire you with ease and tenderness today. My layout for lovely 49 and Market!  This time I want to recall the past collections because each of them is amazing. I took two contrast sheets from different collections. I really like to combine them. As you already know, I love purple. So my main sheet is Scents of Nature Collection: Fly Away and to him I added a contrast sheet Rusty Autumn: Falling Leaves. It looks really nice! The collection Rusty Autumn inspired me and I chose a gentle and beautiful photo with pumpkins.

To create an airy and beautiful composition I use many different materials. But my most favorite are flowers. There are many of them here and each of them is simply beautiful. Among the stunning paper in 49 and Market you can find beautiful sheets with elements for cutting out! They will always help you create your own unique story on the layout! I used Spring Cut Out Sheet. Such cute babies are there!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Canvas "Let's Go To Florence" for Finnabair and Video Tutorial!

Hello there lovely creative friends! 
Today I'd like to share with you my brand new inspiration and new video tutorial - a mixed media canvas for amazing Finnabair. This time, I'd like to take you on a trip to the beautiful city of Florence. I wanted to express the atmosphere of Florence, its  unique grandeur and mystery. For me, Italy will forever remain my very favorite country and the place where I'd love to live one day...

I invite you to watch my video tutorial to see the whole process of creating my project. Enjoy!

I created my project on a white background. To create some interesting textures, I used one of my favorite Finnabair products - White Crackle Texture Paste and Paper Texture Paste (together with the 'Honeycomb' stencil). It's such a great joy to be using these pastes, I love applying them and seeing all the unique results you can achieve. To enrich my textures even more, I also added different sizes of Art Stones (glued in place with Soft Matte Gel).

Layout “More than ever” for 49 and Market

Hello my dear creative friends!
Today I would like to show you my new inspiration for lovely 49 and Market! I hope that many of you have already been inspired by beautiful new collections from 49 and Market!  And today I want to show you a simple and stylish project with paper and some interesting ideas for the dynamics. All you need for success is quality materials, contrasts and fearlessness to try something new. So I tried to do something non-standard from me. And for my project I chose Captured Adventures Collection. Really beautiful and such a versatile paper! It gives you absolute freedom and you feel yourself an artist. For my project, I combined two contrasting sheets: Captured Adventures: The Journey and Captured Adventures: Faded Memories.

For a more interesting composition, I used a simple but interesting technique. I took a sheet Captured Adventures: The Journey and just cut it into a strip. Each strip I drew in the middle of the dotted line and pasted a little to free the edges on the sheet Captured Adventures: Faded Memories.. So they became voluminous. To make the background more interesting I added a white spray and end dies! Oh, how I admire them. They always make your background unique and more textured