Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Layout "Remember always" for 49 and Market

Hi my dear friends!!!
Today I want to inspire you with a project for 49 and Market about tenderness and girlish thoughts. I am convinced that you are already in love with little fairies from the 49 and Market! They are really beautiful! And this time I was inspired by the  Collection: Flower Fairies of Spring Paper. I wanted to make a voluminous layout. So I took a sheet Flower Fairies of Spring Paper – In the Garden for the base and cut out beautiful flowers below. Then I just picked them up and now it has the 3D effect!

I used several cut sheets to create my own composition. Here you will find pieces of Tattered Garden: Laser Cut SheetSweet Reflections: Laser Cut Sheet and Dandelion Fields: Laser Cut Sheet. It is very convenient to use and each picture is unique and suitable for any collection. As you can see it is very simple and beautiful. Also of course I added favorite flowers to my project. I used Botanical Blends – Navy I added a texture paste, some splashes and excellent stamps to get a beautiful and more interesting background. But I always admire the backgrounds from the 49 and Market and you do not need to add a lot to get a great project!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Canvas Owl's Spirit for Finnabair with Video Tutorial

Hello there lovely creative friends! 
Today I'd like to share with you my brand new inspiration - a mixed media canvas
Nature is the best inspiration for me! And I love using natural elements in my projects! This time I was fascinated by the bark of the tree, its texture and uniqueness. Therefore, I devoted my project to the forest theme.

I invite you to watch my video tutorial and to see the whole process of creating my project. Enjoy!

I created a canvas with a black background. This is my favorite kind of base. The colors and waxes shine here best and such background gives so many possibilities. Since in a forest you can find lots of different textures, I also tried to convey its atmosphere. So at first I created a texture layer. I used Texture Paste - Black Sand with very large and beautiful particles. I put it through the Stencil -  Harlequin. It is very convenient to use paste with large particles and thanks to them my background has become unusual!

Vintage mixed media canvas for Finnabair with Video Tutorial

Hello there lovely creative friends!
Today I'd like to share with you my brand new inspiration - a mixed media canvas.
I want to show a few simple ways to use new products from Finnabair. And the more I work with them, the more I love them. They are incredible and give so many possibilities! You should just get started and will not be able to stop!

I invite you to watch my video tutorial to see the whole process of creating my project. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Finn Team Art Recipe for June

Hello, wonderful creatives! 
This June Art Recipe from Finnabair Design Team was incredibly inspiring for me! Ready to head to the seaside! Stick your toes in the ocean cool blues,  dig around in the glimmering warm sand, and keep your eyes peeled for wonderful sea shells and stones...all in a creative sense with Art Alchemy acrylic paints, Art Stones, and Art Extravagance Pastes-Stone, Rust, and Patina! When summer comes, you immediately think about the warm beautiful sea... It's always an inspiration, a promise of the best time and new positive emotions. My favorite combination is the sea and the mountains. And it's so cool to have a unique reminder of this on my desk. So I decided to create this special kind of a summertime souvenir that I called "The Traveler"
More details and another amazing projects from Juliya and Bipasha you can find on the Prima website

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Canvas "Near the stars" for 7 Dots Studio and Video Tutorial

Hello creative friends!
Today I would like to show you my new inspiration with video tutorial for 7 Dots Studio!
How often do you look at the stars? I really love the sky, you can dream and feel that you can do anything! My project today is dedicated to dreams and feelings. Therefore, there is much freedom, light and tenderness. I created the base with a sheet Northern Lights – Starlight and for the contrast added a few layers of paper Writer’s Block – Torn

I prepared a step-by-step video and invite you to watch it so that you can see all the details.

I wanted to make it air. I cut out several elements from the stickers, and also added a decor of flowers and molds. To create an interesting background, I used canvas base and painted it with colours. Also I very much like to add stamps to the background to make it more textured. It looks so beautiful!
I really like 7 Dots Papers for their versatility and limitless possibilities. Every project can be your own unique fairy tale. The main thing is to show what you feel and just create! After all, inspiration surrounds us!

Layout “The spirit of the old forest” for 49 and Market

Hi my dear friends!
I'm here today with new inspiration for 49 and Market!
I really love nature. Anywhere always and everywhere. It gives us the most beautiful shades and textures that fascinates me. This time I was inspired by the spirit of the old forest and decorated it with my favorite materials from 49 and Market. Here I combine several sheets from different collections and admire each of them. But for the basics, I took one of the last and very beautiful collections – Tattered Garden Collection Pack

I supplemented my core sheet with a light sheet Laws of Nature and took several elements for the decor from At the Quarry. I really love paper from 49 and Market that here you can always cut beautiful elements for your project! This is ideal for a beautiful and unique composition! Also I took one of my favorite sheets Vintage Artistry Flora and Fauna Cut Out Sheet and carved a butterfly and several leaves. It really looks original.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Layout “When you can dream” for 49 and Market

Hi my dear friends!
I have several projects not shown here! I will correct and inspire you! Thank you for being with me!

I want to inspire you with ease and tenderness today. My layout for lovely 49 and Market!  This time I want to recall the past collections because each of them is amazing. I took two contrast sheets from different collections. I really like to combine them. As you already know, I love purple. So my main sheet is Scents of Nature Collection: Fly Away and to him I added a contrast sheet Rusty Autumn: Falling Leaves. It looks really nice! The collection Rusty Autumn inspired me and I chose a gentle and beautiful photo with pumpkins.

To create an airy and beautiful composition I use many different materials. But my most favorite are flowers. There are many of them here and each of them is simply beautiful. Among the stunning paper in 49 and Market you can find beautiful sheets with elements for cutting out! They will always help you create your own unique story on the layout! I used Spring Cut Out Sheet. Such cute babies are there!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Canvas "Let's Go To Florence" for Finnabair and Video Tutorial!

Hello there lovely creative friends! 
Today I'd like to share with you my brand new inspiration and new video tutorial - a mixed media canvas for amazing Finnabair. This time, I'd like to take you on a trip to the beautiful city of Florence. I wanted to express the atmosphere of Florence, its  unique grandeur and mystery. For me, Italy will forever remain my very favorite country and the place where I'd love to live one day...

I invite you to watch my video tutorial to see the whole process of creating my project. Enjoy!

I created my project on a white background. To create some interesting textures, I used one of my favorite Finnabair products - White Crackle Texture Paste and Paper Texture Paste (together with the 'Honeycomb' stencil). It's such a great joy to be using these pastes, I love applying them and seeing all the unique results you can achieve. To enrich my textures even more, I also added different sizes of Art Stones (glued in place with Soft Matte Gel).

Layout “More than ever” for 49 and Market

Hello my dear creative friends!
Today I would like to show you my new inspiration for lovely 49 and Market! I hope that many of you have already been inspired by beautiful new collections from 49 and Market!  And today I want to show you a simple and stylish project with paper and some interesting ideas for the dynamics. All you need for success is quality materials, contrasts and fearlessness to try something new. So I tried to do something non-standard from me. And for my project I chose Captured Adventures Collection. Really beautiful and such a versatile paper! It gives you absolute freedom and you feel yourself an artist. For my project, I combined two contrasting sheets: Captured Adventures: The Journey and Captured Adventures: Faded Memories.

For a more interesting composition, I used a simple but interesting technique. I took a sheet Captured Adventures: The Journey and just cut it into a strip. Each strip I drew in the middle of the dotted line and pasted a little to free the edges on the sheet Captured Adventures: Faded Memories.. So they became voluminous. To make the background more interesting I added a white spray and end dies! Oh, how I admire them. They always make your background unique and more textured

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Layout "Morning" for 7 Dots Studio and Video Tutorial!

Hello dear friends!
Today I would like to show you my new inspiration for lovely 7 Dots Studio with video tutorial for you! This time I wanted to go full mixed media on my layout. So here you will see a lot of mixing of materials. But most importantly, my foundation is a magnificent paper from 7 Dots Studio! This paper is ideal for such a project. You have complete freedom and quality materials. And what could be better than this? I tried to convey the atmosphere of the morning and the beauty of nature on my layout. I followed the theme of the photo. For the base, I chose an incredibly beautiful collection “Northern Lights” and sheet – Starlight.

I prepared a step-by-step video and invite you to watch it so that you can see all the details of my project

I created the texture of my background with a texture paste – Black Sand from Finnabair. Then I created a multilayered composition of scraps of paper and on it a volumetric decor. Then I added some colour with magic sprays from Lindy's. First I applied the sprays and then added the saturation with acrylic paints. It turned out incredible! A few stamps in my background and a few strokes of white krakley. All this added to my composition.

Canvas "Remember The Moment" for Finnabair and Video Tutorial!

Hello there lovely creative friends!
Today 'd like to share with you my new inspiration for amazing Finnabair Team - a monochromatic mixed media canvas. I experimented creating my piece with just one color and I wanted to show you how beautiful it can be to use a limited palette combining different materials, mediums, shades and tones. I started by creating my background and building it up with various textures. For this, I used some non-scrap materials or leftovers, for example the wooden pieces used to support a canvas and the 'negative' chipboard shapes.
Don't be afraid to experiment, add volume to your works by trying out different shapes that attract you, even unusual ones!

I invite you to watch my video and see the whole creative process. Enjoy!

To create my favorite kind of texture I use Black Sand Texture Paste. This is such an amazing product with large grains that make wonderful porous effect! Everybody knows that all the colors gain a beautiful shining quality when applied on a black background. As I love this trick, in my next step I covered all the elements I glued on the canvas with Heavy Black Gesso.
Then I selected the elements for my composition. I want to make something light and beautiful to embellish the vintage image of an elegant couple. You can find a similar image (and more!) in Finnabair's Ephemera Collectibles. I also reached for different Mechanicals and a chipboard frame

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Canvas "A Window To New Ideas" for Finnabair and Video Tutorial!!!

Привет мои дорогие друзья!
Сегодня хочу поделиться вдохновением для Finnabair! Каждый раз я стараюсь сделать что-то интересное, вдохновляющее, но и простое одновременно. В этот раз я хотела поиграть с текстурами и создать эффект настоящей стены с окном. Надеюсь, вам будет интересно разглядывать ее. Также здесь я использовала крутые пасты Stone Effect Pastes и восхитительную палитру акриловых красок! А более подробно за процессом вы, как всегда, сможете посмотреть в видео! Приглашаю вас!

Hello, lovely creative friends!
Today I want to share with you my new art inspiration for  FinnabairWhen you have such beautiful colors of paints in front of you, all you really want to paint and feel like a real artist! :) I hope you will see how easy it is and be inspired. My project is actually very simple - all I did was that I just enjoyed playing with all these colors and textures! You've got to love mixed media when as if by magic, everything turns into a three-dimensional picture... You can use the simplest things, the main thing is not to be afraid, to experiment and show a little imagination!

Please enjoy watching my video and see the whole creative process!

So my idea was to create a faux wall and a window with textures imitating the real ones. To create a wall effect like this, the ideal products is of course Stone Effect Pastes! I started by glueing sone pieces of wood and some chipboard shapes on the base on the canvas. Finnabair's Mechanicals Tags also worked great as additional detailsfor my background. And speaking of Mechanicals - the Wings are just the perfect symbol of creativity and inspiration, don't you think?
When my arrangement was ready, I applied the Stone Effect Pastes and made sure they dried well.
I wanted to work with acrylic paints in my project so I covered everything with Heavy Black Gesso that makes primes all the surfaces to 'accept' paints better but also enhances all the acrylic colors and makes them look more luminous. Black Gesso truly creates miracles! 

Итоги розыгрыша в Mixed Media YouTube Hop

Друзья, всем большой привет!
В суматохе дней спешу объявить результаты розыгрыша Mixed Media YouTube Hop
Спасибо огромное за все теплые слова и я надеюсь, что мы смогли подарить вам вдохновение и новые идеи!!! Спасибо за ваш интерес в нашем YouTube Hop! Это очень важно чувствовать вашу поддержку и знать, что мы делаем это во благо! Итак, имя счастливчика:

Поздравляю вас  и жду адрес на почту olgakravets88@gmail.com

Спасибо еще раз, друзья, что вы есть и скоро вас ждут новые подарки и интересные проекты!!!
До скорого, пусть вдохновение всегда будет рядом

Friends, Hello everybody!
I hasten to announce the results of the Mixed Media YouTube Hop
Thank you very much for all the kind words and I hope that we were able to give you inspiration and new ideas !!! Thank you for your interest in our YouTube Hop! It is very important to feel your support and know that we are doing it for the good! So, the name of the lucky beggar:

I congratulate you and wait for the address to mail olgakravets88@gmail.com

Thank you again, friends, that you are and soon you are waiting for new gifts and interesting projects!
See you soon, let the inspiration always be with you

Monday, April 9, 2018

Живые мастер-классы этой весной!!!

Привет всем творческим и увлеченным!
Хочу поделиться с вами прекрасной новостью! Этой весной я проведу еще несколько выездных мастер-классов и запись уже идет полным ходом,  буду безгранично рада вам!

2 дня и 3 чудесных Мастер-Класса!

Если вы хотите погрузиться в мир магии микс медиа и попробовать себя в этом стиле, я приглашаю вас! Я предлагаю создать 3 проекта, в которых покажу всю красоту этого стиля для скрапбукинга. У вас будет возможность поработать с множеством лучших материалов от мировых брендов, о которых я буду рассказывать на каждом классе. Finnabair, 7 Dots Studio и 49 and Market! Я всегда беру больше, чем вам понадобиться, чтобы все показать и рассказать вам!
На классах вы узнаете о возможностях темного фона, преодолеете все страхи перед большими форматами, светлым фоном и многослойностью. Мастер-классы очень насыщенные и объемные по материалам и знаниям! Прекрасная и дружественная атмосфера, поток знаний и вдохновения и конечно, бесценный опыт гарантированны!

Итак, что же вас ждет:

1.Холст "Чарующая микс-медиа"

Для самых увлеченных и влюбленных в мир микс-медиа!

Предлагаю вам окунуться в мир красок и текстур. Мы сделаем проект на холсте с подрамником размером 18х20см. Создадим многослойную композицию с помощью крутой бумаги от 7 Dots Studio и великолепными цветами от 49 and Market! Поработаем над сложным многослойным фоном с помощью лучших материалов для микс-медиа от Finnabair. Вы откроете новые возможности работы с грунтами, акриловыми красками, текстурными пастами, кракелюрами, спреями и восками. Расскажу вам секреты многослойнности и работы с акцентами, а также, как красиво вписывать фото в работу.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Layout "“Turn back the clock”" 49 and Market

Hi my friends! 
Another inspiration for my favorite blog 49 and Market!
This time I want to inspire you with a terrific Tattered Garden Collection . I could not choose one sheet, so here I have just two! I really love projects with volume and lots of details and here I completely enjoyed the process of creating. I also took the inscriptions immediately from the line under the sheet. I really like to create something unusual for me and look for the decor in the simplest of things.

So here I connected two sheets: Tattered Garden: Tattered Leaves and Tattered Garden: Tattered Playground and added several elements Dandelion Fields: Laser Cut Sheet. It’s so cool to have such beautiful and comfortable decorations in the collection! I am delighted. Also, I cut out strips of paper and just put a stamp from the set Gabi’s Postcard from Paris. So I got my die-cut!

I used a beautiful chipboard from Dusty Attic for the decor. But the best for me is the flowers! ere you will be able to see several new sets. Are they not beautiful? Each flower is velvety and unique and what juicy colors! I used  Vintage Shades Botanical Blends – Yellow and Vintage Shades Botanical Blends – Cerise and others. For the atmosphere, I added a chipboard in the form of bricks 6×6 Archival Board – Love (White) You can also take out the bricks and it looks very nice!

Layout "Bird song" for 49 and Market

Hi creative friends!
My new inspiration for 49 and MarketNew collections are absolutely gorgeous!!! I am delighted with them and I hope you will also fall in love with them like me. Today I want to inspire you with the beauty of nature. I chose the amazing collection  Captured Adventures for my project. Here the basis of the sheet Captured Adventures: Eclectic Pieces and the light part of Captured Adventures: Faded Memories. I really love the contrasts!

The best decor for my project, I chose flowers from new collections! My favorite color is blue, and I could not resist the Botanical Blends – Navy. They have such velvet and noble color. I was inspired and wanted to continue this shade in the background of my project. I created a texture texture paste and added a little blue paint of different shades.

To create some interesting details I used stamps Gabi’s Circle Stitch Stamp Set. I created a drawing of the circles and then cut them out. It’s very simple to make original and stylish details for your project. I also added a few stylish stamps to my background. They look amazing

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Free Soul Book Art for Finnabair with Video Tutorial!

Hello there lovely creative friends! For  Finnabair's inspiration, I'd like to share something completely new for me! I really like diversity and always want to try something different - a new medium, technique or idea. Experimenting and learning new things is what creativity is all about, right? And the more unusual, the better! The idea of creating such an art book was accompanying me for a long time. I was finally able to create this piece and it turned out it's actually very simple! It made my soul sing and I hope you'll feel inspired too I am often inspired by fabrics and here I really wanted to play with different kinds of materials and surfaces put together. This meant many layers of lace, crumpled paper (I used ordinary kraft wrapping paper), pieces of cardboard, canvas, gauze and lots of lovely metal embellishments.

My base was the cover of Finnabair's Mixed Media JournalTo make my layers and the whole composition look harmonious, I used brown and white hues of all the materials. I chose several cards from Ephemera Melange set - they are so perfect to create a vintage vibe. I also reached for Paper Texture Paste to add accents on the folds and creases of the kraft paper and I must say I'm in love with this velvety new product! You will see I used a few unusual items as my embellishments, such as a stick, a key and a paintbrush.

I invite you to watch the video to see the whole process of creating my project. Enjoy!

I took the coolest pastes to give them a beautifully aged look. I used Rust Effect Paste and Rust Effect Paste - Camouflage. I like to mix different shades from the sets. This creates more opportunities and all of them perfectly match each other! I used the new Dabbing Brushes that are just brilliant to work with different kinds of pastes.

Ищем прекрасного Администратора в Mixed Media & Art!

Друзья, наша дружная и креативная команда Mixed Media & Art будет рада принять в свои ряды ответственного помощника! Наш блог развивается и мы хотим дарить еще больше идей и вдохновения! Если вы хотите стать частью нашей команды, познакомиться с талантливыми и мировыми мастерами, быть  в центре событий и развиваться вместе с нами, мы ждем Вас!

Мы ищем ответственного, дружелюбного и творческого человека, который готов посвятить часть своего времени на помощь и развитие нашего блога. Вы станете нашим незаменимым помощником и другом! Мы всему научим и расскажем, главное - это ваше желание и возможность!

Что мы ждем от вас:
- публикация постов в блоге
- дублирование постов для страницы в Facebook
- ведение рубрики Challenge Overwiew
- знание английского языка (достаточно начального)
- участие в жизни блога и наличие свободного времени!

И конечно, мы порадуем вас не только приятной компанией и креативом, но и хорошими подарками! Все подробности в письме

Хотите присоединиться к нам, тогда ждем 
письмо на почту mixedmediaart2017@gmail.com
с пометкой "Администротор"

В письме укажите:
немного о себе, ссылки на ваши соц. сети, в каких ДК состоите и 
почему хотите стать частью нашей команды

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Layout “Soul of the queen” for 49 and Market with Video Tutorial

Привет-привет дорогие друзья!
Спешу показать вам свою страничку для блога 49 and Market с новым видео!
Вы уже видели новые коллекции, они просто потрясающие! Каждый раз я любуюсь их идеями и наслаждаюсь качеством! И здесь вы сможете увидеть одну из крутых коллекций бумаги Tattered Garden Collection  и новые цветы! Обязательно загляните на мой канал YouTube, где вы найдете еще много вдохновляющих видео!

My new inspiration for you with video tutorial! I was shocked when I got new products! It’s just something amazing! With each collection I fall in love more and more. And when I think that it can not be better, there are new collections that are even more beautiful! I really hope that I can give you a little inspiration and light your hearts. For my project, I used 
 Tattered Garden Collection ! This is a real fairy tale! Each sheet attracts and captivates, they are filled with magic.

Tattered Garden: Tattered Beauty  already has an incredible and textured background. There are so many interesting prints and they look amazing! I just added a bit of texture and color to see the depth. Also for this collection there are wonderful Tattered Garden: Laser Cut Sheet and I was happy to create a volume with them!

I prepared a video tutorial on creating my page, where you can see all the materials in more detail.  I hope you will enjoy

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mixed Media YouTube Hop and Giveaway!!!

Hello friends and welcome to the March mixed media madness YouTube hop. We hope to inspire you with all of or projects and different styles and techniques. If you do create something inspired by this hop please tag us so we can see. Please share this event and be sure to visit each channel YouTube hop line-up

Друзья, всем привет и добро пожаловать на наш March mixed media madness YouTube hop. Мы надеемся вдохновить вас нашими работами, разными стилями и техниками. Если вы сделаете что-то, вдохновившись нами, то отметьте нас и мы сможем это увидеть. Пожалуйста, поделитесь этим событием и загляните к нам на каналы:

Katja Joulak Krankkala - https://youtu.be/tvxrNxqG2HA
Kasia Bogatko-Skoczypiec - https://youtu.be/ayVt40bw4qE
Mallika Kejriwal Bagaria - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqCGu...
Martina Stoycheva - https://youtu.be/I1fV1MbS1IQ
Tiffany Solorio - https://youtu.be/kB49LSgU0sg
Lanette Erickson. - https://youtu.be/m1ZtsNk2Asc
Make sure to visit all YouTube channels and subscribe. Then leave a comment under my video. Among all comments under my video I will do a little Giveaway.
I will publish the winner name here on my blog at 23.03.18
Убедитесь, что вы заглянули ко всем и подписались. Среди тех, кто оставит комментарии под моим видео я разыграю маленькую конфетку. Имя счастливчика я опубликую в блоге 23.03.2018
Мое видео
My video

Еще несколько прекрасных деталек:
A few more beautiful details: